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Our dear Jaime-Lynn…

Our dear Jaime-Lynn Taylor-Danner slipped the bonds of earth today and left “now” for the ages. From the time she was diagnosed with cancer, she vowed to meet her nemesis with unflagging humor… and she kept that vow, even, I know, when it was very hard to do so. Jaime-Lynn was zany, a dancer, smart, beautiful, sometimes mercurial and always compassionate.

She was a veteran BI and a consummate BI. I often remind folks that the BI is the most important position in the company, the embodiment of helping practice. Jaime-Lynn did that practice proud, day in – day out, giving and sharing care. I once asked her, during her long stretch of years, when she was working on her degree, what she wanted to do going forward. She said “I want to do this. I want to get better at this”, and she did.

When the Human Resource job opened up, Jaime-Lynn applied and nailed the interview process. I had asked for a writing sample and she submitted one of the wittiest pieces of writing I’ve had the pleasure to read in a long time (the ‘no pants’ rant). In the interview, she was poised, articulate and refreshingly honest. Two thumbs up! … there was no question who should get the job.

For the short time she got to do that job, Jaime-Lynn brought all of the invaluable wisdom gleaned from her BI practice to bear on employee support. Alas, the best laid plans… We may think we are, but we are never truly in control. Everything is always up for grabs. For the short time she had, she got to 1) not wear pants, 2) experiment with wigs, 3) smile a lot, and, 4) respond with care and compassion to the needs that came her way.

We delight in the fact that she got to swim in the Mediterranean, marry the incomparable Will Danner and allow Starscream to jam up the works by lying on her paperwork purring.

Each of us brings our own set of beliefs to the question, “where do you go when you die?”. One answer we can all agree on is “right here”. Aside from any other notions, we live on in the ways we’ve touched others around us. All of us who knew her carry a lot of touches from Jaime-Lynn with us… and thus she will live on.

We will be working on a fitting living memorial for JLTD at SD Associates. Stay tuned!

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